Do you have what it takes to bring the competitive nature of the Kentucky Derby to the kitchen? Participate in one of our four food and cocktail competitions!


With Kentucky as inspiration, and the "RCA Fusion Food Truck" as the method of delivery, competitors will need to use their creativity coupled with RCA’s 2020 list of food trends to create 30 sample-sized portions of their item. 
Sponsored by ADM, Deli Star and International Flavors & Fragrances.
The deadline to compete has passed.


Showcase your innovative thinking by developing an all-natural, Kentucky-inspired, clean label item suitable as a fast casual concept. 
Sponsored by Deli Star and International Flavors & Fragrances.
The deadline to compete has passed.



Create a proposal for an innovative commercialized food product using food waste ingredients that are commonly found within the industry. 
Sponsored by Griffith Foods and NorthTaste. 
The deadline to compete has passed.


Go head-to-head to earn the title of ‘Star of the Bar’ by creating and demonstrating a single serving cocktail using Flavor Dynamics flavors and local Kentucky bourbon. Sponsored by Flavor Dynamics Inc. 
The maximum number of competitors has been reached, so the competition is closed for entry.


Joel Albert
Chief Executive Officer
NorthTaste Flavourings Inc.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial driven household Joel developed a passion for business at a young age. Graduating from University of New Brunswick in Business Administration. He immediately took an interest in the family business of taking herring waste for developing high quality fishmeals and oils for the pet food industry. In 2009 Joel, his brother Eric and father Julien co-founded NorthTaste Flavourings Inc., a leading expert in seafood by-product development. NorthTaste is known for their unique process of re-purposing various seafood waste materials and creating innovative products. The goal was to add more value to seafood by-products and strive for Total-Species-Utilization. Through an innovative process and development of clean labeled seafood concentrates, they help North American Seafood companies minimize waste and it’s negative environmental impact. As CEO, Joel has lead the team to develop the company’s strategic plan and culture that would bring it from start-up to success over the past years. Joel has a passion for spending time with his family, cooking, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

Ed Dudley
Director of Technical and Analytical Innovation
Griffith Foods U.S.

Ed Dudley, Director of Technical and Analytical Innovation at Griffith Foods U.S. is an accomplished food scientist with over 30 years of experience in the areas of product development and innovation, sensory evaluation, and functional ingredient research. His career spans a range of diverse experience in the development and commercialization of food and beverage products as well as leading PD, Sensory, and Innovation teams for companies such as Kraft, Barilla, and PepsiCo. Ed has a passion for the fuzzy front end of the development process where he leverages his creativity skills in mining consumer and industry trends – translating and extrapolating those trends into breakthrough technical innovation opportunities. Ed received his B.S. and M.S. in Food Science and Technology from Cornell University. He is an active member of both the Institute of Food Technologists as well as the Research Chefs Association.

Philip Saneski
Vice President of Product and Commander-in-Chef

Philip has culinary experience working in San Francisco Chronicle Top 100 Bay Area restaurants, Michelin-Star kitchens as a line cook on multiple stations, Pastry Chef for an upscale hotel, and at AQ Restaurant, a James Beard Award finalist for best new restaurant in the country. He is proud to be the Past-President and Cofounder of the Research Chefs Association Student Committee, where he led the launch of the Evolution of Food Waste Product Development Student Competition. His volunteer membership impact throughout several RCA professional committees was recognized at the 2016 RCA Conference as the first student ever in the association's 20 year history to win the President's Award. Philip is currently the Vice President of Product and Commander-in-Chef for ReGrained, a San Francisco-based company that utilizes patent-pending technology co-created alongside the USDA to close the loop between urban craft breweries and sustainable food systems, and rescue the nutritious grain every time beer is brewed.

Kimberly Schaub
Senior Product Development Scientist, Podcast Host, Certified Culinary Scientist

Kimberly Schaub is a research chef working as the senior product development scientist at Bulletproof 360 and founded the PeasOnMoss website and podcast in 2009. With a nutritional science background, management training from the US Air Force, and culinary scientist certification from the Research Chefs Association, Kimberly brings a unique eye to culinary arts and food science. PeasOnMoss itself is an alliterative play on mis en place, and the goal of the site is to show the many pathways in the food industry and how to be successful in many of them by sharing interviews, education, and opportunities.

PeasOnMoss leverages the podcast platform to invite a larger audience to consider the craft and business of getting food to their grocery store shelves and onto their plates. Through conversational interviews, Kimberly invites the guests to share their career experiences and expertise, fostering a space where food science and technology are shared in an accessible and engaging way.