Do you have what it takes to bring the competitive nature of the Kentucky Derby to the kitchen? Participate in one of our four food and cocktail competitions!


With Kentucky as inspiration, and the "RCA Fusion Food Truck" as the method of delivery, competitors will need to use their creativity coupled with RCA’s 2020 list of food trends to create 30 sample-sized portions of their item. 
Submit your letter of intent to compete by January 1, 2019.


Showcase your innovative thinking by developing an all-natural, Kentucky-inspired, clean label item suitable as a fast casual concept. 
The deadline to compete has passed.



Create a proposal for an innovative commercialized food product using food waste ingredients that are commonly found within the industry. Sponsored by Griffith Foods and North Taste. 
Submit your proposal by January 18, 2019.


Go head-to-head to earn the title of ‘Star of the Bar’ by creating and demonstrating a single serving cocktail using Flavor Dynamics flavors and local Kentucky bourbon. Sponsored by Flavor Dynamics Inc. 
Submit your entry form by January 21, 2019.