One Big World: Cross-Cultural Learnings, Growth and Challenges — A Thoughtful Round Table Discussion.

Wednesday, March 23 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Professional Development

Nathan Schomers, Executive Research Chef at ADM Nutrition
Kimberly Schaub, CCS, Podcaster at PeasOnMoss; and Business Development Manager at Griffith Foods

Domains: Product Development / Marketing Strategies / BusinessProfessional Development

Having worked for an international company for the last several years, and working abroad for 3 of them - working across cultures has become a hugely important function in my job. While for me it’s generally related to national identity and home country culture, it has also made me even more aware of the needs to be sensitive to everyone’s unique abilities and differences. From sexual orientation to religious beliefs, from gender and identity politics to unique needs of parents and even pet owners. An open discussion revolving around the challenges and benefits of a diverse and multicultural team is increasingly important to succeed in business today. Here we plan to inspire and challenge growth on a personal and organizational level.

Learning Takeaways:

  • You should walk away with a better understanding of your own biases. How to think about these biases effecting your decisions and avoid pitfalls and cultural mistakes when working with others.
  • Maintaining cultural sensitivity.  You won’t always know how to say or do the right thing, being able to have open and honest conversations about cultural expectations and managing those in a productive way is important.  Attendees should leave this session with an understanding of the unique requirements of working with persons of many cultures and how this can strengthen your team, recognizing that communication is the key to success when navigating these differences.
  • Cultural Burnout.  Lack of communication.  Multilingual teams. Expectations vs. reality.  Attendees will be challenged to assess their unique challenges in their own teams and organizations, and begin to build a toolbox to help them personally and professionally work towards their combined and individual goals.