Smoke & Grill Trends - Evaluating Different Species of Smoke, Regionality, and Trends

Wednesday, March 23 | 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM CT


Jason M Behrends, PHD, CCS, Business Development at Red Arrow Products

Domains: Culinary/Baking Skills and Applications, Product Development / Marketing Strategies / Business, Food Science / ChemistryTrends

In this sessions, we will review the different types of smoke wood species including hickory, mesquite, beechwood, applewood, cherrywood, and pecan. We will explore current regionality of smoke and also discuss smoke that is feeding into innovation for authentic cuisines, which would include the different types of charcoal. We will also provide tastings of the different types of smoke for the audience to see the differences smoke brings to the table. Throughout the session we will discuss menu trends and how smoke is finding its way not only on proteins, but also in bakery, beverage and sides. 

Learning Takeaways:

  • Understanding of differences in smoke species. (Tasting included)
  • Regionality of smoke and smoke and it's importance to create authentic cuisines.  
  • Smoke trends across the menu.