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Mark Graham

Mark Graham

Director, Global Culinary
Kellogg Corp.

Session: The Chefs' Manifesto and the UN's SDG2 Movement

Mark Graham has been the Director, Global Culinary since February 2018.

Mr. Graham’s career highlights include being the Chef/Owner the Winking Sow, a NYC based catering company. He is the former Managing Partner of Bois d’arc Restaurant. Mr. Graham served as the Executive Chef for local television and radio station NBC Chicago and the Walnut Room in Marshall Field’s State Street, Chicago.

Mr. Graham was a syndicated Food Writer and Test Kitchen Chef for the Food & Dining section of the Chicago Tribune. He was also the Chef Instructor at Sur la Table, the Chopping Block and Saucee & Savoree.

Mr. Graham’s experience also includes being a Senior Corporate Chef at National Starch Food Innovation and a Product Development Manager at Starbucks Coffee Company.

He was the featured speaker at the January 2009 conference, World of Healthy Flavors, at the Greystone campus of the Culinary Institute of America.

In addition, Mr. Graham was a Corporate Executive Chef at Basic American Foods and at New Seasons Market. He has also been the Managing Partner at New Food Studio, a food product development consulting firm.

In addition to his work at Kellogg, Mr. Graham is a freelance contributor to the Food & Dining section of the Chicago Tribune.

Mr. Graham attended Columbia University in the City of New York, and is a graduate Fellow of the Culinary Institute of America.