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Organization Name

Scott Adair SupHerb Farms
Jeffrey Adlman George  Chiala  Farms,  Inc.
Sydney Allen New Mexico Green Chile Company
Taraja Amoako-Poku ADM Nutrition
Leila Bakkum Great Eastern Sun
Erica Baldwin The Almond Board of California / Porter Novelli
Kenneth Barker Bluegrass Dairy & Food, Inc.
CM Barnes Gold Coast Ingredients
Jason Behrends Red ARROW
Charlie Bice Bluegrass Dairy & Food, Inc.
Gary Blanton NU Spice
Bradley Blodgett Pulmuone USA
Steven Boehmfeldt JES Foods, Inc.
Susan Brunjes Nikken Foods USA, Inc.
Erin Brush Wegmans Foods Markets, Inc.
Matt Carr Beck Flavors
Mark Cates Golden State Foods
Mike Chapter Armanino Foods
Michael Cheng Florida International University
Erich Chieca Sadler's Smokehouse, LLC
Whitney Chittum Paradise Tomato Kitchens Inc
Mark Chura Burley Foods
Daniel Clark Elite Spice
Craig Claussen Tyson
Robert Cloney Elite Spice
David Cocker Reuven International Ltd
Dale Conoscenti Rhino Foods
Taylor Corretjer Versatile Products & Ingredients, LLC
Bob Coyne Elite Spice
David DePaul Sosland Publishing
Lianne Di Ubaldi The Almond Board of California / Porter Novelli
John Diehl John Diehl Consulting Services
Brian Dillon Givaudan Flavors Corp.
Kathryn Elderkin Starbucks
Kerry Fabrizio JBS
Vincent Fazi Symrise 
Cindy Finck Bascom Maple Farms, Inc. 
John Fisher Herbstreith & Fox
Debbie Flatley Versatile Products & Ingredients, LLC
Alex Forestier SupHerb Farms
Dianna Fricke J.R. Simplot Company
Andrew Gerulsky Don's Foods
Eric Goan Bluegrass Dairy & Food, Inc.
Nicholas  Goellner  The Antler Room/Beck Flavors
Sara Goldman Elite Spice
Jessica Goldstein Nu Product Seasoning Company/NuSpice
Mike Gude Sosland Publishing
Natalie Haag Griffith Foods
Lori Hamilton Nikken Foods USA, Inc.
Seth  Handley Gobo Enterprises
Charles Hayes Deli Star Inc.
Jill Houk Olam Spices
Andrea Hutchison Nikken Foods USA, Inc.
Yusuke Ito Hanamaruki Foods Inc
Michael Janosik Tyson
Laura Jordan Reed Food Tech.
Stephen Kalil Flavor Design Studio
Justin Kanthak Griffith Foods
Sotheare Kem Elite Spice
Kim Kennedy Sunsweet Growers
Emily King Emmi Roth
Greg Kuczaj Nation Pizza and Foods
Paul Kurpe Elite Spice
Justin LaGosh SunButter
Linda Lamb ICL Food Specialties
Nicholas Landry Southeastern Mills
Jeremy Lecker Johnsonville Sausage
Stacy Lewis New Mexico Green Chile Company
Steve Lewis New Mexico Green Chile Company
Nicole Linke The Suter Company
Michael Lonteen Custom Culinary
Stefanie Loveland Elite Spice
Kimberly Lulay Griffith Foods
Mike Martin SupHerb Farms
Clayton Matney Bluegrass Dairy & Food, Inc.
Patrick Mckinney LifeSpice Ingredients
Jaime Mestan Vienna Beef
Noah Michaels Symrise
Susan Murray Northwest Naturals, LLC
Nan Nan The Almond Board of California
Maija Napierkowski Elite Spice
Tasuku Nisino Hanamaruki Foods Inc
Andrew Odom Elite Spice
Matt O'Shea Sosland Publishing
Gary Otterbach Bluegrass Dairy and Food, Inc
Dianne Palush Main Street Gourmet
Rick Perez Sunsweet Growers Inc.
Mark Phillips Elite Spice
Amy Raczka Fresh Express
Noe Ramos Elite Spice
Michael Ratini Givaudan
Kevin Reed ICL Food Specialties
Mitchell Riavez Stratas Foods
Allison Rittman Paradise
Christopher Rodrigues Life Spice and Ingredients
Melinda Russell Clemson University
Dave Salinas Givaudan Flavors Corporation
Herbert Stockschlaeder Rosina Food Products, Inc.
Keith Sumner Deen Meat & Cooked Foods
Mark Susz Givaudan Flavors
Joshua Swift Kingmaker Foods
Mark Tiger Bell Flavors and Fragrances
Yu-Shu Tseng Kellogg's
Christopher Warsow Bell Flavors & Fragrances
Bruce Webster Sosland Publishing
Liana Werner-Gray SunButter
Phyllis Wheeler New Mexico Green Chile Company
Anna Wilson Rich Products

*As of December 5, 2018.