Session Details

What to Do When People Believe Misinformation? Changing Public Opinion With Science

Thursday, March 25 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CT


Christopher Koetke, Complete Culinary LLC
Dr. Tia Rains,

Session Type: Roundtable Discussion
We live in a time when trust in science has eroded. Yet, sound science explains the world around us and relies on rigorous scientific methods. What happens when public opinion about food is not only shaped in the absence of science, but actually runs contrary to science? What should be the response and how do you communicate science to reset the record?

Throughout their careers, Dr. Tia Rains and Chef Christopher Koetke have worked to set the record straight on numerous foods such as soy, eggs, Asian carp, and MSG. In this presentation, they will talk about their experiences for strategically reshaping public opinion through communicating science as well as addressing emotional and taste factors. Among the topics to be presented are ways to create experiential cooking, engage in taste experiences, harness storytelling through historical and cultural references, and present science in an approachable way.